What I Learned in Week-14, 2020

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It’s been tough time for everyone due to the Corona virus situation. Staying at home for weeks and weeks is not easy, but it is very necessary thing to do so that we don’t spread the virus.

However, if I look on the bright side I used to spend minimum 3 hours for office commute everyday. Now I am using that time for various other activities including learning some new things.

So, here is what I learned in the last week:

We may not get the opportunity to work on many things in our official projects. For example, I never get a chance to setup SSL/TLS certificates, never worked on setting up database cluster etc. Similarly I have some gray areas in some concepts like OAuth, SQL query optimization etc. So, I thought of why not use this available time to brush up on these topics. I found the following wonderful resources to learn those concepts.

Database Query Optimization using EXPLAIN ANALYZE

OAuth 2.0 & Open ID Connect

I would strongly suggest to read articles on Okta Developer Blog and subscribe to OktaDev Youtube Channel for learning about application security.

Pluralsight Free April Month

Just in case you haven’t already heard, Pluralsight is offering <strong>FREE ACCESS for April 2020 month</strong>. Happy learning :-)

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