Philip's Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass Course Review

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If you ever worked on a large project which doesn’t have any tests then you know how painful it is to work on such codebase.

You know what is more painful? Working on a project which has plenty of USELESS tests written for the sake of passing minimum code coverage requirement.

Being a Professional Software Developer means more than solving a problem. One needs to learn how to write maintainable and testable code, write meaningful tests, know what to test and what not to test, how to evolve the codebase backing with a good set of test suite.

When it comes to Java land, Spring/SpringBoot is the de facto framework for building web and enterprise applications. One of the key factor for the success of Spring/SpringBoot is its fantastic support for Testing. Spring is 17+ years old and evolved over the years with more and more features added over the time which resulted in the same thing can be achieved in many ways.

Most of the developers who are new to SpringBoot face the challenge of knowing what is the current recommended approach to solve a specific problem, same applies to testing.

The Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass Course is created by Philip Riecks to specifically teach how to test SpringBoot applications. I got an opportunity to review the course I find it wonderful for learning how to test SpringBoot applications leveraging modern testing frameworks and libraries.

<img src="/images/TSBAM.webp" alt="Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass" title="Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass">

I can recommend this wonderful course for many reasons:

  • Concise and to the point: The first thing I liked about the course is there is no beating around the bush. Phillip explains the concept to the point with practical code examples.

  • Backed by a realistic project, no helloworld examples: Throughout the course the concepts are explained by taking a realistic example application rather than using basic helloworld style examples.

  • Covered most commonly used tools/libraries: The course teaches you how to leverage the modern tools and technologies such as JUnit5, Testcontainers, Wiremock etc for testing complex applications.

  • Covered everything you need for testing a typical SpringBoot application: In this course almost everything is covered(JUnit5, Mockito, WebLayer, DataLayer, Security, Testcontainers, Wiremock, WebClient, Localstack, Selenide etc) for testing a SpringBoot application.

In this fast paced software development world, we have everything except time to learn everything from the official documentation of the languages/frameworks/libraries. We can certainly take advantage of the amazing courses like this which explains the concepts in an easy to understand way to learn things faster.

I would highly recommend Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass Course for anybody working with SpringBoot applications.

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