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My name is Siva, I have been working as a Software Engineer since 2006. I have primarily worked on building scalable distributed enterprise applications in banking and e-commerce domains using Java, Kotlin, GoLang, SpringBoot, JPA/Hibernate, MicroServices, REST APIs, SQL, and NoSQL databases. My current technical focus is on modern architectures, including MicroServices, CI/CD, and DevOps. I have working experience in Infrastructure Automation using Jenkins, Terraform, AWS CDK and Pulumi.

I share my learning on my blog http://www.sivalabs.in, and my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/sivalabs. You can follow me on Twitter @sivalabs.

Looking for a trainer or freelancer?

If you are looking for a trainer or freelancer for your next project, please contact me at sivaprasadreddy.k@gmail.com.


I have written the following books:

Beginning SpringBoot 3

Beginning Spring Boot 3

SpringBoot : Learn By Example

SpringBoot : Learn By Example

PrimeFaces Beginners Guide

Java Persistence with MyBatis 3

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