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1. generator-springboot

A Yeoman generator for generating MicroServices with SpringBoot. We can use generator-springboot to generate a SpringBoot microservice, Spring Cloud Config Server or Service Registry based on Netflix Eureka.

How to use?

$ npm install -g yo
$ npm install -g generator-springboot
$ yo springboot

For more information on features see

2. LocalStack SpringBoot Starter

Localstack-spring-boot-starter is a SpringBoot starter for LocalStack auto-configuration. This starter will spin up the Localstack docker container using Testcontainers and auto-configure beans such as AmazonS3, AmazonSQSAsync, etc.

For more information see

3. SpringBoot JWT Security Starter

This is a SpringBoot starter to provide JWT token based security auto-configuration.

For more information see

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