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If you are working on Spring Boot then you most probably aware of Spring Initializer ( which is an online spring boot application generator. You can select the starters that you want to use and then generate the application.

If you notice that there is no SELECT ALL option to select all the starters. Who would do that insane thing of selecting all the starters for an application??!!???

But, i would like to have the SELECT ALL option for one single reason:

I can download all the dependencies ahead of time when I have good internet connectivity so that I can continue working even in offline. This is especially useful for conference speakers so that they don’t have to be at the mercy of conference WIFI connectivity.

So, when a new spring boot version is released I usually do the following:

  • Go to
  • Click on Switch to the full version
  • Open Developer Tools/Console and run the following script:
var inputs = document.getElementsByTagName('input');
for (var i = 0; i < inputs.length; i++)
    if (inputs[i].type == 'checkbox' && !inputs[i].disabled) {
       inputs[i].checked = true;
  • Click on Generate Project and open the project in your favorite IDE.

Again, this is only to download maven dependencies and keep them readily available.

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