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In our Home page we will show all the categories along with few of the products in each Category.

Let us update HomeController with two methods to show all the categories and the selected category products.

public class HomeController extends JCartSiteBaseController
	protected CatalogService catalogService;
	public String home(Model model)
		List<Category> previewCategories = new ArrayList<>();
		List<Category> categories = catalogService.getAllCategories();
		for (Category category : categories)
			Set<Product> products = category.getProducts();
			Set<Product> previewProducts = new HashSet<>();
			int noOfProductsToDisplay = 4;
			if(products.size() > noOfProductsToDisplay){
				Iterator<Product> iterator = products.iterator();
				for (int i = 0; i < noOfProductsToDisplay; i++)
			} else {
		model.addAttribute("categories", previewCategories);
		return "home";
	public String category(@PathVariable String name, Model model)
		Category category = catalogService.getCategoryByName(name);
		model.addAttribute("category", category);
		return "category";

Now let us update the home page template home.html to render category details.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xmlns:th="http://www.thymeleaf.org"
    	<div layout:fragment="content">
    		<div class="single-product-area">
		        <div class="zigzag-bottom"></div>
		        <div class="container">
		            <div class="row" th:each="cat : ${categories}">
		            	<div class="woocommerce-info"> 
		            		<a class="" th:href="@{/categories/{name}(name=${cat.name})}" 
		            			th:text="${'Category: '+cat.name}">Category Name</a>
		                <div class="col-md-3 col-sm-6" th:each="product : ${cat.products}">
		                    <div class="single-shop-product">
		                        <div class="product-upper">
		                            <img src="assets/img/products/2.jpg" alt="" 
		                        <h2><a href="#" th:href="@{/products/{sku}(sku=${product.sku})}" 
		                        		th:text="${product.name}">Product Name</a></h2>
		                        <div class="product-carousel-price">
		                            <ins th:text="${product.price}">$9.00</ins>
		                        <div class="product-option-shop">
		                            <a class="add_to_cart_button" data-quantity="1" data-product_sku="" data-product_id="70" 
		                            	rel="nofollow" href="#"
		                            	th:onclick="'javascript:addItemToCart(\'' + ${product.sku} + '\');'">Add to cart</a>

In the above home.html template we are using some of the URLs for which we haven’t implemented the handlers.

For example,

To display the product image : th:src="@{’/products/images/{id}.jpg’(id=${product.id})}"

To show product details : th:href="@{/products/{sku}(sku=${product.sku})}"

To add the product to Cart : th:onclick="‘javascript:addItemToCart(" + ${product.sku} + ‘');’"

Let us implement the handler for displaying product image.

Create ProductController.java as follows:

public class ProductController extends JCartSiteBaseController
	protected String getHeaderTitle()
		return "Product";
	@RequestMapping(value="/products/images/{productId}", method=RequestMethod.GET)
	public void showProductImage(@PathVariable String productId, 
	                              HttpServletRequest request, 
	                              HttpServletResponse response) {
		try {
			//WebUtils.IMAGES_DIR = "D:/jcart/products/";
			FileSystemResource file = new FileSystemResource(WebUtils.IMAGES_DIR +productId+".jpg");     
			org.apache.commons.io.IOUtils.copy(file.getInputStream(), response.getOutputStream());
		} catch (IOException e) {

Copy the sample product images from jcart-site/src/main/resources/static/assets/img/products folder into the path WebUtils.IMAGES_DIR(D:/jcart/products/).

Now we should be able to see the Home page with all the categories and 4 products for each category.

In our next post we will implement the Category Page which shows all the products in the selected Category.

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